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Wolters Kluwer’s ebook outlines five ways workflow automation supports business goals

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Today, Wolters Kluwer Tax and Accounting announced the release of an ebook “5 Ways Workflow Automation Supports Business Goals” which describes how workflow automation can help companies achieve a variety of business goals, from reducing email fatigue to increasing staff accountability. Modern businesses know that optimized workflows lead to a more efficient and productive workforce, supporting business goals for growth and profitability. Creating efficiencies and promoting productivity doesn’t happen by accident, requiring strategy and planning to make the changes that support business goals.

“Companies today are in different stages of workflow automation and many are unsure what their next step should be,” said Nate Brown, vice president of business management, Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting North America. “Wolters Kluwer is committed to helping them modernize their operations with workflow automation solutions and our team of experienced experts is here to help them choose the right solution that meets their specific business goals.”

Regardless of the business model, every company has a common desire to complete every mission with the perfect balance of quality, productivity and people to achieve its goals. This latest ebook discusses five practical changes companies can make to support their business goals by creating efficiencies and increasing productivity.

  • Rethink their routing sheets. Rather than relying on manual processes like paper routing sheets or spreadsheets, consider turning them into a standardized, automated digital process
  • Minimize email fatigue. Instead of using email to deliver information, empower staff to access information as part of their daily work using dashboards and notifications that integrate with the software they already use
  • Create consistent and repeatable processes. By deliberately taking steps to document the end-to-end process, engagements can be launched with fewer questions, completed faster, and clients have greater certainty about the end product.
  • Make decisions with dashboards. Highly visual dashboards can help turn numbers into easy-to-read visuals that help compare business performance with real-time productivity and key performance indicators
  • Promote accountability through visibility. Empowering staff with tools that provide clear visibility into the work that needs to be done and empowering them to choose a project that matches their skill level promotes greater accountability and business efficiency

Accounting Workflow Solutions can drive business growth by creating efficiencies, removing bottlenecks, and providing enterprise-wide visibility. With the right workflow software bringing the firm together to support a common goal, accounting firms are better able to adapt to changing market environments, achieve growth goals, and deliver better work/life balance for staff at all levels. Wolters Kluwer offers cloud-based workflow management solutions that enable businesses to build additional capacity, be more responsive to customers, and deliver higher value-added services to increase profitability. CCH Axcess™ Workflowpart of the award-winning program CCH Axcess™ tax, audit and business management platform, helps companies of all sizes simplify work tracking and ensure consistent project management processes by monitoring due dates, managing projects and by mapping processes into standardized steps. the XCMworkflow® The automated workflow platform gives companies complete visibility into real-time information about tasks, projects, and staff assignments so they can optimize organization-wide processes to generate productivity gains, cost savings and capacity expansion.

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