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New jobs and increased sales for North Wales solar energy company

A bright light in the solar industry has welcomed the green energy tax cuts and revealed that customer demand will drive further growth in the months ahead.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak reduced VAT on renewable options such as solar panels, insulation and heat pumps to zero in his spring statement, saving homeowners more than £1,000 over the five coming years.

Gareth Jones, managing director of Carbon Zero Renewables – part of the UK Leisure Living Group, which has sites in St Asaph, Mochdre and Deeside – said the move had given him new confidence in the sector and was a “start positive” but much more needs to be done to steer families towards long-term sustainable alternatives.

“Especially now, with the cost of living and energy prices spiraling out of control, the situation is unacceptable for millions of people across the country,” he added.

“From our perspective this is good news, solar power is a big part of our business and having five years of security on this side has given me renewed optimism for the future of the This allows us to invest more in our sites and staff, including recruiting new members to keep up with growth.

“By eliminating VAT, people with renewables in their homes will pay less – and with rising prices and uncertainty around imported fossil fuels being a major crisis – this is a step in the right direction of from the British government.

“Action is being taken, but not fast enough, and I think when winter kicks in, we’ll see people again struggling between ‘heat or eat’ and making very difficult choices that will impact their health. and their well-being.

“I just hope – like many in the industry – that this is the start of an era where we move away from traditional, expensive and damaging energy sources to clean, green energy that is more affordable, better for environment and more efficient for future generations.”

Earlier this year, Carbon Zero hired additional staff to deal with an increase in inquiries from homeowners and businesses about solar panels.

Gareth said this latest announcement will see them hire even more staff in 2022.

Board member of the Federation of Master Builders and former President of North Wales,

he added:

“At the moment, our priority is supply chain and access to materials given the massive increase in interest over the past few weeks.

“We got thousands of panels through our buying power, but time will tell if it’s enough.

“We are getting so many calls that we have had to bring in other members of the UK Leisure Living team to help us and can only go out to see customers who are committed to having solar panels fitted in the future. very close, and not just to consider this.

“It’s not how we normally do things, but it’s an unprecedented situation and there’s a lot of urgency so we can’t afford to waste a second.

“This trend looks set to continue, so if anyone has any concerns or questions, please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.”

Recent reports have revealed that UK homes are among the most common in Europe, with millions of properties in need of upgrading if the UK is to stay on track for net zero carbon emissions.