Firm business

Fairfield council rejects appeal to revoke towing company’s business license

FAIRFIELD — City Council this week rejected an appeal by Auto Service and Towing, doing business as Payless Towing, whose business license was revoked.

The city’s action against the company was filed on May 31. Payless Towing is located at 1350 N. Texas St.

According to city documents, the company was found to be in violation of several municipal codes during an investigation that began in April. The violations included a zoning code violation.

There have been four incidents of vehicles seized at the North Texas Street location, which the city says violates the business license.

Business owners were told by council Tuesday night to work with city staff to get all permits and other paperwork in order.

In other actions, the council:

• Approval of amendments to the Statement of Easements, Covenants and Restrictions between Fairfield, Tallen California LLC, 99 Cents Only Stores LLC, McDonald’s USA LLC, against the properties located at West Texas Street and Beck Avenue. It will no longer prohibit or limit the sale of automobiles and other motor vehicle accessories, prohibit or limit the sale of groceries and catering supplies, and establish rules for gyms and other uses of retail and office space on the various plots.
• Approval of a $200,000 professional services agreement with Vestra Resources Inc. for the Geographic Information System (GIS) assessment and infrastructure planning strategy. The funds come from the General Fund ($100,000), the Sewer Line Covering Projects Fund ($50,000) and the Municipal Water Services Fund ($50,000).
• Authorized a property exchange agreement between the town and the Fairfield-Suisun school district. The city will grant 16,105 square feet of right-of-way along Atlantic Avenue, East Atlantic Avenue and Cement Hill Road for 27,878 square feet of the adjacent Air Base Parkway off-ramp at Fairfield High.
• Authorized deeds of grant transferring ownership, easements and similar instruments relating to the Villages to Fairfield Development (Parcels C and G).
• Amendments authorized to the Design Services Agreement with Callander Associates Inc., to prepare plans and specifications for the Linear Park Node 4A – 2030 N. Texas project, part of the Central Fairfield revitalization. The cost is $883,461 from the Park Capital Fund. The city received $5.7 million from the state and an additional $2 million in state grant funds to construct a new building on the site and other amenities for the project.
• Approval of plans and specifications and awarding of a $313,200 contract to All About Building Inc. for Fire Station 35 – Modifications and Fire Station 40 – Door replacement project. The money comes from the Capital Assets Fund for Public Buildings.
• Authorized an amendment to the Memorandum of Understanding between Dixon, Rio Vista, Suisun City, Vacaville, Solano County Transit and the Solano Transportation Authority for intercity taxi card program services.
• Suspension of the call for tenders and approval of the purchase of $211,755 of automatic passenger counters from Urban Transportation Associates for the Fairfield and Suisun transport vehicles. The money comes from the Public Works Transportation Fund.