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Business entrepreneur tired of hiring ‘mediocre’ staff starts business

A Bath entrepreneur said he started his latest business because he was ‘sick of hiring poor salespeople’.

Billed as the “Tripadvisor of the sales industry,” Kevin Hayler’s new venture, Sales Made Easy, is a training platform that allows salespeople to earn accreditations based on course achievement and results, as well as reviews from their own customers. make their courses accountable for their learning “in an open way”.

Individual out of five scores and ranking lists are available for recruiters and business owners.

Mr Hayler has invested £250,000 of his own money in the business.

The businessman, who previously held sales director positions at Barclaycard and merchant services provider Handepay, said the platform would motivate sellers to improve their score to advance their careers, while allowing recruiters “a clearer measure” of performance.

Mr. Hayler said: “This concept came about because I was tired of hiring mediocre salespeople, because as you can imagine, most of them did very well on interviews! Once in the role, I found teams of salespeople operating at very different levels of execution, so staff turnover was high, targets weren’t being met, and interviews became a difficult process for judging performance. .

“I wanted to create a way to make the sales industry attractive, an industry that clearly demonstrates a person’s success rate and will inevitably end the standard interview process.

He added, “My long-term goal is to change the global perception of sales and get rid of its ‘dirty’ perception. It is a highly qualified sector and should be recognized positively.

Sonja Becker, head of sales and business development at Luxembourg software development company Zortify, was one of the testers for the Sales Made Easy program before the launch.

Ms. Becker said: “What I personally love about Sales Made Easy is that it’s not just another sales training that teaches us how to make quick profits at all costs. It’s much more than that.

“Kevin and his team of sales experts focus, with their human-centered approach, on building relationships, knowledge, trust and empathy, which I believe is essential to building long-term customer relationships.”

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