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Tesco to store £2 lateral flow tests supplied by Cheshire Company

Tesco is to stock £2 lateral flow tests supplied by the Cheshire Company from April 1.

Nantwich-headquartered diagnostic healthcare company Everything Genetic will supply the kits to more than 1,500 stores.

Coinciding with the in-store launch, the tests will initially be available to customers online in London, before rolling out online across the country from May.

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Everything Genetic said the tests report a clinical performance of 96.1% sensitivity and 100% specificity when detecting Covid-19 and recently received approval under the Medical Devices Regulations 2021 (CTDA) from the UK Health Security Agency.

Chief executive James Price said: “The gradual easing of UK Covid restrictions has led to a further rise in cases across the country, particularly in recent weeks.

“As a result, thousands of people across the UK will always want the peace of mind that fast, efficient and accurate LFT devices can provide.

“While Covid testing will no longer be free after April 1, the importance and demand for using it to get an accurate and timely snapshot of our health will continue for some time.

“The very nature of the tests means that they can be used as needed to provide a fast, efficient and reliable positive result.

“As the kits will now be positioned at convenient Tesco outlets across the country, they will be readily available at any time for anyone wishing to get tested.

“As a company, our overriding ambition is to democratize testing, whether it’s testing for Covid or through our other side of the business, testing for inherited diseases.

“Bringing the cost price of these tests to less than the price of a coffee to go could help us achieve these ambitions, and we are delighted to provide Tesco customers with access to reliable, accurate and affordable tests.”